Last Monday we kicked off our Seminar Series for our Financial Wellness Program as a Parish. This is a project of our Finance Council headed by our Chairperson, Novie Medina and assisted by Ronnie Espinosa.

As part of our Vision and Mission as a parish which calls for responsible stewardship, our Finance Council has been restructured to reflect a more dynamic system of assisting our community to reach its objectives and beyond. Over the past months we have streamlined our systems which allows us to respond to the needs of the Church.

First, we have created a committee on Financial efficiency which is tasked to oversee our fiscal responsibilities on a more comprehensive way. Composed of members of the council who are involved in accounting and corporate management in their own private lives, this committee allows us to have a more strategic approach in the way we look at our finances. In the past months they have not only screened our books but had initiated the formulation of goals which would explain the underlying reasons for the proposed budgets of our subsidiary units. In short, they are making sure that our operations reflect our vision and mission as a Parish.

Secondly, we have created a committee on Plants and Facilities which assists the pastor in the major capital improvements of the church and school campus. While the council as a whole advises the pastor on the financial feasibility of capital projects, this committee focuses on the projects themselves, reviewing them in behalf of all the stakeholders of our church.

Lastly, we have our Financial Education committee which provides support for our parishioners to be responsible stewards themselves. The abovementioned seminar series is the brainchild of this committee.

These various activities are driven by selfless and dedicated volunteers led but not limited to the Finance Council. For example, our financial wellness program is run by volunteers from various parishioners who are in this field. Our Plant and Facilities people are supported by volunteer engineers and architects.

We are all trying our best to be “responsible stewards of His gifts” (from our Parish Vision and Mission Statement). If you feel that you have something to share in these stewardship committees then feel free to get in touch with me. Our Parish runs on the love and support of volunteers. I am grateful for those who had stepped forward to support our Church in various ways. I hope this article for this week inspire you to reflect on being a volunteer. Thank you.

Fr. John