The Liturgy Department

The Liturgy Department of Holy Family Parish works in conjunction with the Pastor and Associate Pastors in the preparation of all parish liturgical functions.  The goal in preparing parish celebrations is to encourage full, active, and conscience participation of its members.  This is accomplished by taking into consideration the various languages, cultures, and liturgical styles of the community of Holy Family Parish.  Accordingly, all celebrations are prepared under the guidelines of the Church Documents, with consideration given to the Seasons of the Church Year, and various Feasts and other celebrations.
In addition, the Liturgy Department is responsible for the training, scheduling, continuing education, and spiritual enrichment of all liturgical ministers.  The primary responsibility of all liturgical ministers is that they fully and actively participate in the celebration of the liturgy.

The History of the Liturgy Department

Around 1965, following the second Vatican Council, various changes in the liturgy occurred.  One of the notable changes was that the various ministries in the Church were again opened to the laity.  Along with the deaconate being restored, church members were encouraged to become involved as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, bringing Communion to the Homebound, expanding the choirs with the use of new instruments and different types of choirs, and also taking an active part in the decorating of the Church.  This was a tremendous undertaking for the Bishops and the pastors of the local churches.  It would not only take many years of catechesis to implement these changes in the Church, but additional help would also be needed. Liturgy Departments came into existence to help with this task. So, too, in Holy Family Parish, additional help was needed and in March of 1993, under the direction of Monsignor John Twomey, the Liturgy Department came into existence.

Basic Requirements for Serving in Liturgical Ministries

The liturgical ministries in the Church are opened to persons who are:

  • Registered members of the parish,

  • Are practicing Catholics,

  • Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist,

  • Complete the necessary training for their ministry,

  • Receiving the sacraments regularly, and

  • Will serve only at Holy Family Parish.

Coordinators of Ministries

  • Liturgy Coordinator - Maggie Gudino

  • Art and Environment - John Bernaldez with Nenita Solancho

  • Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - Ronson Provido

  • Communion to the Homebound/Sick - Willie Simbol

  • Lectors - Richard and Patty VanDeudekom

  • Mass Coordinators - Simon Semaan

  • Music Director - Dinnah Salud

  • Usher/Ministers of Hospitality Chairpersons - Ed and Lou Carlos

  • Altar Servers - Justin Virtucio and Christine Maravilla