Religious Education

THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION is a faith sharing program that provides religious education to allchildren in Public Education which includes: Preschool, Elementary (English & Spanish), Junior High & High School.  Religious Education provides formal classes for children and teens, prepares children and families for the sacraments.  It is an opportunity for ongoing faith formation and brings families to Christ through sharing in the Catholic faith and through instruction in doctrine.  We help children to understand their faith as Christians Catholics.

Parent participation is required.

For more information contact the office at (562) 860-5973

Teresa Paulino
Coordinator of Religious Education (CRE)

Tri-Fold Religious Education Program: (Please click on the form to view or print)

  1. English Tri-Fold
  2. Spanish Tri-Fold

Registration Dates for School year 2017/2018
July 16 - 9:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II
July 239:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II
July 309:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II
August 69:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II
August 139:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II
August 209:30am-1:30pm- John Paul II

Registration Fees:
$100-One student
$125-Two students
$150-Three or more students

**A copy of the Baptismal Certificate is required for all new students**
**$25 late fee per family will be charged for registrations received after August 21**



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